Harry Feinberg

  • Former Chief Operations Officer of OM Sanctuary
  • Former Executive Director of Esalen Institute
  • Former Conference Director of Omega Institute

BJ Harden Jones

  • Co-Founder of Co-luminate

Christina Stratton

  • Partner of Innovative Spa Management

Ellen McGinnis 

  • Spa Director of Omni Grove Park Inn
  • Former Vice President of Innovative Spa Management

Lila Pague

  • Owner of Winter Sun Summer Moon

Chris LaBarca

  • Production Assistant Director of Omega Institute
  • Former Conference Manager

Anthony Ward

  • Owner/Designer of Being with Flowers

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Jaymii L. Liehr



Jaymii Liehr

315.921.2619      Jaymii@JaymiiLiehr.com   SparrowJunction.com SamadhiProductions.com   LinkedIn.com/in/JaymiiLiehr

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Copyright 2011 • JaymiiLiehr.com • All rights reserved


Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone.

      - Deepak Chopra

Elizabeth Lesser

  • Co-Founder of Omega Institute

Alison Granucci

  • Founder Blue Flower Arts
  • Former Executive Program Manager of Omega Institute

Donna Fischer

  • Former Director of Marketing of Omega Institute

Dr. Manoj Chalam

  • Presenter/Author
  • Owner Unique Arts International

Jon Dobrin

  • Co-owner of Be Present​            Yoga Clothing